Two-bin system

Industrial fasteners as a rule represent a relatively low value. However they often bring about substantial additional costs, such as…

  • Procurement costs
  • Administration costs
  • Accounting costs
  • Internal distribution costs
  • Stock costs
  • Packaging costs
  • Logistical costs

Not to mention the costs that might arise when for instance a production line comes to a halt because the necessary fasteners are not available.

The Albema-Robema B.V. Two-bin system puts an end to all these costs and risks. This means you can spend your time, money and energy on your company’s core activities.

Although we prefer to keep things short and simple, you can read all about the two-bin system here.

Please do read what it‘s all about: the advantages a two-bin system has to offer you.

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Extensive information two-bin system

In a Two-bin system the stock at the at the customer’s site is kept in two evenly matched stock bins.

With a two-bin system an undisturbed production is guaranteed. Based on the customers’ prognoses Albema-Robema B.V. creates a stockpile especially reserved for each customer. Each stockpile is monitored, managed and adjusted in concurrence with the customer’s usage pattern.

How it works

At your company we put up racks filled with bins. This can be done centralized in your own warehouse or decentralized per production line or workstation. The stock at each location is based on such facts as weekly volume, spread of usage, product value and frequency of delivery. The stock of each item is equally divided over two bins that are placed behind each other in the rack. The contents of one bin are sufficient to cover the usage of a specified period. 

While producing or assembling you use the products in the front bin. When this bin is empty, you take it out of the rack and put it in the designated chest we have made available to you. Subsequently you pull the second bin forward to continue your production. At regular, agreed upon intervals our driver collects the chests with empty bins. At these moments the bins that have been collected at the previous visit -which have been filled by us- are placed back into the rack behind the active bins.

We have the disposal of custom-made software to make your two-bin system perform optimally. Through continuous monitoring of facts like delivery frequency and usage pattern, we are able to fine-tune the two-bin system to perfectly fit your needs. This way the stock level at both your company and our warehouse is optimized and we are always able to supply you with detailed information about your materials usage.

Everything is possible

It is also possible to integrate project-based deliveries into your two-bin system; for instance when a production line is used to manufacture regularly changing end-products. If we receive the necessary information about your upcoming projects on time, we can adapt the contents of the two-bin system. This way the stock in carried by the two-bin system is always fully in sync with your material requirement planning. If you wish we can also integrate items from other suppliers or your own semi-finished products in the two-bin system. 

A two-bin system is always fully custom-made and every two-bin system is unique. We would therefore gladly visit your company to assess the situation on site and discuss the possibilities with you. If a two-bin system is the solution for your situation we will make a proposal for the implementation that is completely tailor-made to meet your specific wishes and requirements.

Two-bin or not Two-bin, there’s no question about it!

In the extensive information about the Two-bin system you have read about the convenience of this logistical solution. Albema-Robema B.V. takes it to the next level…

As we have mentioned, the two-bin system creates many benefits for you. Below you can find a list of the main reasons to switch over to the Albema-Robema B.V. two-bin system. Click on the advantages of your interest to read more.

Uninterrupted production

The Albema-Robema B.V. two-bin system guarantees the availability of the necessary materials at the right location. You never have to worry that your production planning is jeopardized because you are “out of screws”.

Minimization of stock control costs

Managing a stock of up to many hundreds of different industrial fasteners is a time-consuming and costly affair. With an Albema-Robema B.V. two-bin system this is a thing of the past. Once the two-bin system is installed you won’t have to bother about managing your fasteners stock any more.

Minimization of procurement costs

With our two-bin system you no longer have to spend time on assessing material requirements and making and sending purchasing orders for fasteners. The empty bins are scanned by us and considered as a purchasing order. If you wish we send you a digital confirmation.

Minimization of internal distribution costs

Making sure you have sufficient stock of fasteners is one thing… making sure all screws, bolts, nuts and washers are at the designated production location at the right time in the right quantity is a much greater challenge. The Albema-Robema B.V. two-bin system ensures that every production line or if desired every work station is always provided with the proper fasteners. This way your own warehouse is relieved considerably and you production employees no longer lose time gathering fasteners.

Minimization of stock costs

The Albema-Robema B.V. two-bin system entails a far-reaching minimization of your stock and storage costs for industrial fasteners. After all your entire stock of fasteners is contained in the bin racks, which only take up a few square meters. The stock is constantly monitored and adjusted to meet your needs and always covers only a short period of time: a considerable saving of space and financial liquidity.

Naturally Albema-Robema B.V. carries a safety stock reserved for you, which you can fall back on in case of unexpected increases in production. Furthermore current items that are removed from the two-bin system can be returned to Albema-Robema B.V. without financial consequences.

Minimization of accounting costs

The clerical work involved in processing the many invoices for separate orders of fasteners is a time-consuming and thus expensive process. The deliveries for a two-bin system can be invoiced per shipment or per month, as you desire. It is also possible to receive a one-lined total invoice, with detailed delivery information on the packing notes.

Minimization of logistic costs

Shipments in connection with the two-bin system are delivered duty paid. In case of additional separate orders or project-based orders, these can be delivered together with the two-bin replenishments. Furthermore you no longer have to incur costs for collection and removal of packaging materials.

Integration of other MRO goods

We offer the possibility to include items from other suppliers in the Albema-Robema B.V. two-bin system. This way you can maintain the relationship with your current suppliers but still profit from the advantages the two-bin system has to offer. Read more about the capabilities of Albema-Robema B.V. in this area. If you wish we can even integrate your own semi-finished products, thus assisting you in your internal distribution.

Short lines

Delivery takes place at predetermined moments. An Albema-Robema B.V. two-bin system is always supplied by means of our own transport facilities and a regular driver who is familiar with the specific situation and protocols within you organization. The stock reserved for you is kept and managed at our Just-In-Time branch nearest to your company, where a contact is appointed to look after your interests.

Resources at your disposal without charge

The racks, bins and chests necessary to operate the two-bin system are put at your disposal by Albema-Robema B.V. free of charge. This requires no investment from you whatsoever.

In short an Albema-Robema B.V. two-bin system does not only entail substantial cost savings for you, it particularly brings you the peace of mind, stability and flexibility to concentrate on your own core activities.



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