Total integration of MRO-goods

Besides industrial fasteners Albema-Robema B.V. can meet all your needs for other MRO-goods. It is possible for Albema-Robema B.V. to integrate items from other suppliers into the deliveries

Albema-Robema B.V. is able to integrate virtually all MRO-goods into its logistical solutions. This means we can include items other than industrial fasteners, which you currently purchase from other suppliers in e.g. a two-bin system or project-based deliveries.

For these items Albema-Robema B.V. merely takes over the logistic handling and invoicing. The items are obtained according to the terms and conditions you have agreed upon with your supplier. Your contacts with your current suppliers regarding product development, quality and technical support maintain intact. For these items Albema-Robema B.V. observes the sales prices agreed upon between you and your current suppliers, increased with a fee for materials handling. Price adjustments are made when the suppliers in question change their prices.