Project-based deliveries

Delivery customized entirely to YOUR projects, no problem for Albema-Robema B.V. 

Separate projects

If you wish the deliveries of materials to be based on a project, we can supply these separately. Of course these shipments will be fitted out with relevant project references. Packaging and labeling can be customized to satisfy your every wish.

Deliveries within the scope of a project can be dispersed over time or shipped to different addresses, whatever suits your requirements.

You indicate which items you need during your project and the locations and moments at which you wish to receive them. We take care of the rest. Naturally it is possible to obtain your project-based deliveries from our open stockpile or from an especially reserved stock.

The principle advantage of project-based orders combined with a reservation order with delivery at buyers option is the guaranteed availability of products whenever and wherever you need them. The co-ordination of many relatively low valued shipments will no longer compose a threat to the progress of your projects.