Our product range


Albema-Robema B.V. carries a wide range of high-quality industrial fasteners and related items


Screws, bolts, nuts washers, pegs, threaded rods, cramp irons but also hose and piping clamps or certified stud bolts. You name it, we’ve got it in our stock in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore we are the place you go to for specials and items produced according to drawing.

Our product range currently contains some 65.000 unique items, which enables us to offer a solution for all your fastener related issues.

Our quality control and strict supplier selection ensure we only carry high-grade products. If you want an impression of what we have to offer, please have a look at our online catalogue.

In order to strike a perfect balance between such issues as availability, lead time, stockpile and price level we offer a broad spectrum of sophisticated supply systems. Naturally all conceivable combinations of these methods are possible .