We attach great value to the relations with our customers. To keep the communication lines as short as possible you can find the names of the contacts for our departments and branches below.

Head quarters Helmond: +31 492 539 775


  • Mr. A.M.A.W. Mulder
  • Mr. C. H. M. Körver


  • Martijn van Hout

Separate order sales Helmond:

  • Ferdie Somers

Quotation department:

  • Chris Körver

Purchasing department:

  • Sille Tammaru

Accounting department:

  • Sanne v.d. Kimmenade

JIT warehouse Helmond: +31 492 539 775

Branche manager:

  • Patrick van de Looverbosch

JIT sales Helmond:

  • Koen Berndsen

Vestiging Hengelo: +31 742 506 216

Branche manager:

  • Martijn Tanke

    JIT sales Hengelo:

    • Dennis Wijering